Reasons Why Your Heater Smells Bad

Does your heater smell bad? Then you may have a serious problem to fix immediately. There’s no reason to worry though because most heater problems are solvable. A good gas heater contractor will be able to fix your heater in no time. And if you want to know what particular kind of problem you have, you need to pay attention to the aroma you’re smelling. Different smells from the heater mean different problems. To make things less confusing for you, below is a short guide to the common types of aromas that heaters usually emit along with their problems they represent.

1) Burnt Rubber

If your heater is emitting the smell of burnt rubber, then it probably means that some part of it is broken or worn out. It could be wires, the fan belt, or the capacitor that is causing the burnt rubber smell. The first thing that you need to know when you smell a burnt rubber aroma coming from your heater is that it’s not dangerous. So you shouldn’t panic when it happens. This does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t do any immediate action. On the contrary, you should call a repairman right away so he can determine which parts need replacement. Not taking immediate action can lead to more serious problems.

2) Musty

If you’re smelling something musty coming from your heater. then it probably means that your heater is dirty and that it needs to be cleaned right away. Your heater will still work fine even if it’s dirty but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean it. The musty scent is coming from the moisture buildup within your system. It could also mean that there is already mold growth in your system. If there is mold in your system then you need to get rid of it right away. Mold can cause several health problems for people in your household.

3) Burnt Sulphur

If you can smell burnt sulphur coming from your heater, then you must turn off your heater right away. And then you should immediately call an HVAC expert. If you’re not familiar with the scent of sulphur, some have described it as smelling like rotten eggs. Others describe it as the scent of a newly fired gun. This smell could mean that there is a serious problem with your heater. It could mean that your circuit board is fried or that the fan motor is no longer working. These problems could potentially lead to a house fire and this is why you need to act right away if you smell burnt sulphur. If you have a newer system, then it probably has an automatic shut off feature when it senses that the system is overheating. But even sensors can fail so you should rely on your sense of smell instead.

Now that you know why your heater smells bad sometimes, you can now take the appropriate action that you need to take to solve the problem behind the different scents. If you smell something that is not on this list, then you need to call a gas heater service immediately.…