About Us

Natural Purified Water is the number one installer of water purification systems. We offer purification for your whole home as well as smaller systems for the kitchen or bathroom. We have been rated the number one water purification service provider five years in a row. We pride ourselves on great service and great results.

Pure water is important for different reasons of which one of the most important is the health of your family. We consult with prospective clients on what their needs are. You can choose from different systems depending on your needs. We can overhaul your whole home water supply and make sure your whole house gets purified water. Alternatively, we can install smaller systems in your kitchen for drinking water only. The system will depend on your needs and the quality of your home’s water.

Natural Purified Water is located in Wantagh, New York. We operate in the greater New York area as well as in surrounding cities and states. We have several teams at the ready to help you take the next step to keeping your family healthy. All you have to do is contact us today. You can give us a call at 512-819-3710 or send an email to support@natural-purified-water.com.