Types of Heating systems

To be able to heat a home, a heating system should be installed. There are several types of heating systems that one can choose to install in their homes. Whichever type of heating system one chooses to install in their homes, the main aim is to have your house heated to the right temperature. Here are the types of heating system you can choose to have in your home;

1) Forced Air HVAC system

This is the most common heating system installed in most North American homes. This heating system uses a furnace and a blower fan to circulate warm air into various rooms of the house via a network of ducts. The forced-air system is quick in altering the room temperature. This is because the AC system may use the same ductwork and blower. This makes a forced-air system to be an ideal heating unit.

2) The gravity air furnace systems

This system usually circulates air via a system of metal ducts and then utilizes the simple principle of physics where warm air begins rising in the intended room while cold air begins sinking. A gravity air furnace in the basement effectively heats the air which is able to rise in the intended rooms via ducts. The cold air is sucked into the furnace through a system of cold-air return ducts. The gravity furnace is very effective and will warm the house very quickly.

3) In-Floor Radiant Heating Systems

This heating system is a little different from the forced-air system. It heats materials and objects such as the flooring and furniture rather than just warm the air in the room. Mostly, the in-floor radiant system circulates heat through hot water that has been heated in a water heater or a boiler. The in-floor heating has plastic tubing which is installed inside the concrete slab floor or also installed on the bottom or top of wooden floors. This system is energy efficient. It surely tends to heat at a slower rate than the forced air but once it gains heat, it is more consistent and its heat will last for a long time.

Additionally, there are in-floor systems that do use electrical wirings that are installed under flooring materials such as stone tiles or ceramic. However, these ones tend to be a little less efficient as compared to the water systems and can only be used in rooms that are of a small area.

4) The traditional Boiler and radiator system

These systems are common in old homes and apartments in the North American region. The system includes a central boiler system that is able to circulate hot water or steam through the pipes to the radiator units which are usually strategically positioned all around the house. A radiator is usually made of cast iron and is normally placed upright close to the window. It is also commonly known as a steam radiator. This system is very effective in heating the house. The heat generated by the hot water and steam is distributed through metal pipes to the radiators which transfer the heat to the rooms.